Android: Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, Dagger - Part 1

written by Gandharva Kumar on 24 March 2014

We evaluated testing framework for Android, set up continuous integration server, started writing tests. But, the results were not very favorable. We then came across a concept - Inversion of Control.

How to test on Android with a limited budget - Part 1

written by Sudhanshu Raheja on 20 March 2014

There are 1000s of Android phones out there, and it's not possible to get each one of them to test out your new application. But what is possible, is to figure out which phones will help you cover 90% of the market.

Making Apps - Workshop on App Development and Marketing

written by Sudhanshu Raheja on 15 March 2014

Here are my slides from the workshop I did at the App Development and Marketing Master Class at The Coalition on 15th March 2014. The presentation aims to help you figure out how to decide what to build, finalize a feature set, hire design and development teams and take your app to the store.

6 ways to make your lists scroll faster than the wind

written by Abhishek Birdawade on 12 March 2014

There are good times and there are bad times. Making an app is always fun. What's not fun, is getting a brand new MotoX and watching your app run slower on it that the sad old samsung testing phone in office. It literally had me in tears the first time I saw it. And even though it was late in the evening, I decided to find out what I can do to fix it.

8 Tips for Angular.js Beginners

written by Sudhanshu Raheja on 08 September 2012

We started working with Angular.js recently and after spending a few days on it, I realised that there a big need for beginner tutorials on it. I’ve tried to document some of the things you might need on day 1.

Problem Statement for Interviews

written by All of us at Leftshift on 03 January 2011

Here is the problem statement that we send out to people who apply for engineering profiles at Leftshift

Employee Handbook

written by All of us at Leftshift on 02 January 2011

This is a ready reckoner for our rules, policies and some of the things that might need to know if you are working at Leftshift.

Careers at Leftshift

written by All of us at Leftshift on 01 January 2011

So you think you would like to join us?