Tracking uninstalls on iOS and Android

written by Gandharva Kumar on 31 July 2015

One day, a user uninstalls your app. You don't know why she did it, you don't have any way to get back to her and ask for a feedback.

64 Bit me today - Strange issues in 64 bit binaries

written by Harshad Dange on 15 May 2015

I always wondered why developers took so much time to put "64 bit support" in their release notes. Here's what I found out!

Getting Apps Done - Workshop on App Development at Tech Talk @ Tokopedia

written by Sudhanshu Raheja on 07 Apr 2015

Here is the presentation I gave at Tech Talk @ Tokopedia in Jakarta.

How I deployed Sonatype Nexus in 5 minutes?

written by Gandharva Kumar on 29 December 2014

I was struggling with Sonatype Nexus for a week. After three failed attempts, here is how I managed to get it to work

Upgrading Nginx to the latest version on Ubuntu servers

written by Sudhanshu Raheja on 14 April 2014

If you're running nginx on an Ubuntu box, you would soon find out that the default version of Ubuntu packed with the OS is really old. 12.04 LTS ships with Nginx version 1.1.19, while the latest stable release is 1.4.7

4 Javascript Optimisations you should know

written by Pranay Dubey on 4 April 2014

There are some advantages that can only be achieved in JavaScript, implementing them in other languages can be really painful. This blog post will talk about some of the tricks that you can use in JavaScript that will help you optimize your code and make it even faster

Free Download : Sketch files for Macaw

written by Nishant Shirbhate on 31 March 2014

It has been a while since we moved to using Sketch app, and ever since we started, we wanted to share some of the design that we have been doing with it.

Multipeer Connectivity, iBeacons and other interesting features of iOS7

written by Harshad Dange on 28 March 2014

With Multipeer Connectivity, nearby applications can discover, connect and exchange data between them without being connected to an external network/WAN. Moreover it works seamlessly over WiFi or Bluetooth on any iOS device with Bluetooth LE capabilities.