Getting Apps Done - Workshop on App Development at Tech Talk @ Tokopedia

created on 07 Apr 2015 and tagged under appswireframesproductpmdesignanimationsdevelopmenttesting

Here is the presentation I gave at Tech Talk @ Tokopedia in Jakarta. If you’re looking to join an awesome company in Jakarta, you have got to go to Tokopedia.

This presentation talks about things that we have learnt over the years.

1. Who am I

2. Here’s what we have learnt

3. Wireframes

4. Product Management

5. Project Management

6. Designs / Animations

7. Before Development

8. Development

9. Testing & QA

10. Support & GO Live

11. Release notes from the Carrot App

3.1.7 30-Oct-2014

My idiot Maker let a few bugs slip through in the last release, so I decided to deal with them… personally. If you’re enjoying our special time together, please take a moment to review me on the App Store. I’d be ever so grateful.

xoxo, CARROT

12. Enjoy the Compliments

- Sudhanshu Raheja

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