Tracking uninstalls on iOS and Android

written by Gandharva Kumar on 31 July 2015

One day, a user uninstalls your app. You don't know why she did it, you don't have any way to get back to her and ask for a feedback.

How I deployed Sonatype Nexus in 5 minutes?

written by Gandharva Kumar on 29 December 2014

I was struggling with Sonatype Nexus for a week. After three failed attempts, here is how I managed to get it to work

Android: Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, Dagger - Part 1

written by Gandharva Kumar on 24 March 2014

We evaluated testing framework for Android, set up continuous integration server, started writing tests. But, the results were not very favorable. We then came across a concept - Inversion of Control.

How to test on Android with a limited budget - Part 1

written by Sudhanshu Raheja on 20 March 2014

There are 1000s of Android phones out there, and it's not possible to get each one of them to test out your new application. But what is possible, is to figure out which phones will help you cover 90% of the market.